Choosing dining chairs

A Guide to Selecting your Dining Chair

Will your dining chairs be used for a hurried breakfast, family tea or perhaps a leisurely dinner party? Will you opt for a formal look or will you want an eclectic look and go for mix and match? Or perhaps cool and contemporary is more your style.

Dining chairs really help set the tone for your room.  Things to remember when making your selection:

High backed, or rolled backed chairs take up more space visually, so may not be suitable for a smaller room.

If you do have a smaller room, you will possibly want to create a feeling of space, in this instance low backed chairs would be a better choice. Low backed chairs are available in a great selection of fabrics and finishes. Take a look at our Regal upholstered dining chairs.

Side chairs are typically found around a dining table and come in a huge selection of fabrics and colour ways. Often a contrasting Carver chair may be used at the head of the table to create a statement.  You can find carver chairs to match your side chair; they may be fully upholstered or made of all wood, plastic, or metal in a huge array of textures and tones.

Dining chairs come in a variety of upholstery options and styles. It is important to consider your life style and family when making a choice. An upholstered chair can create a designer, glamourous look. Whereas wood, metal, plastic, leather may be more practical if you have small children.

Have you bought the right number of chairs? If space in the room is tight maybe you will regularly only use four chairs. But, perhaps consider purchasing six and use two as an accent chair in a hallway, bedroom or study. You will always have enough seating when needed. You may even want to purchase a bench and chair combination, this is always a good idea when you need to seat more people.

Will the chairs come ready-assembled or will you need to assemble them at home? Ask before you buy, as sometimes it can be very frustrating having to assemble a quantity of chairs!!